Because I’m an Early Bird

So I’m currently inside an airconditioned bus along edsa, on my way to work. However, it seems work might be suspended today after all. And since the bus is literally inching, I’ll just write about an incident I witnessed earlier.

I was already sitting inside this bus when a guy’s phone got stolen as he entered (at least that’s what I assume). When he realized this, he began shouting “P*tang in*, may nagnakaw ng cellphone ko! Oy, walang bababa! Kailangan ko icheck lahat ng bag niyo. P*tang in*!” (I know reading that seems sketchy, but his tone was actually more nakakaawa–like he was about to cry.) Having been a phone theft victim as well, I somehow sympathized with how he felt. I have no idea if it was the latest phone or just a nokia 3200, but it was a personal belonging of his nonetheless.

People inside the bus though didn’t feel the same and just flat out blamed him for having lost his phone. I heard a variety of comebacks like “Para kang g*go, sigurado namang di na sumakay yung magnanakaw ‘no! Sa baba ka nadali!”, a lot of “mukhang baliw, araw-araw ganyan naman sa bus ‘di pa nasanay” and just flat out laughter from all corners of the bus. Arguably he might have been careless on his part, but did they have to make him feel worse for this?

Despite those shouts, he continued making his way through the bags of every person he believes entered around the same time he did. I heard him say, “Pasensya na boss, wala naman siguro masama umasa” before asking permission to search the bag.

The whole incident made me feel sad–the fact that he had to resort to search those bags, the fact that there’s always a chance for items to get stolen, and worse, the fact that everyone just accepted it as a norm in commuters’ lives. I just wish it didn’t have to be…

Anyway, I’m in mcdo megamall now, having breakfast and deliberating if it’s safer to go home or just stay in the office. Might just stay in the office though, the rain is crazyyyy.



A Year Later

Oh wow, wordpress. You look different!

A lot has happened since the last time I logged in–it’s been almost a year!! Time files by so fast???

I’m in a better place now than when I left off. I felt extremely lost last year with all the realizations that crept up to me. It was like being awakened by cold water, gradually acknowledging that my expectations were so far from the reality. 

A year ago I was unemployed. I went through a difficult time when I questioned my place in the world–what I’m meant to do, and why things are happening. I’m in a contrastingly different scenario nowadays and though stressed at times, I enjoy most of the challenges that come. I’m even excited to go to work 7 months in, which I’m praying is a sign that I’ve somehow found my calling in this chaotic world we live in (I’m so dramatic, haha).

Thanks to my involuntary hiatus from writing on this blog–yes, I somehow forgot this existed–I failed to capture some of the memories I’ve made in the year that passed. Our trip to Seoul, for example, how I wish I wrote about it so that I can re-live it from time to time much like what I’m able to do with my JTA entries; the anxieties I felt in starting a new job, or the moment I decided to follow new TV shows; reviews of various films I’ve watched; the internal struggles I went through during Jan-March when I still followed a strict diet regimen (admittedly, I’ve fallen off the wagon :( ); the times I felt like I’m crawling until the next pay day… I wish I wrote about these things. It might seem silly to some, but I find blogging truly therapeutic, even though I’m the only one who reads this.

But enough about the regrets of the past.

There are so many places I want to go to and goals I wish to achieve. I could never have foreseen myself in this position along with the numerous responsibilities that have started to appear. I wonder what’s my life like, a year after now. Personally, I wish I’ve improved myself in becoming more selfless and thinner (HAHA!). The former has been a trait that I’ve struggled to improve in for so many years. I know I can work on it, but for some reason, I’ve had difficulty to not solely focus on my own needs but also acknowledge others’. Why is it so difficult for me but it seems so easy for others? Oh the perils of the human condition :( On becoming thinner, I’d like to start a petition for fast-food chains to stop selling french fries because I always have an internal debate whenever I pass by them. I simply cannot refuse my love for potatoes. Gaaah #partialchos

Anyway, that’s about it for today’s entry. I don’t really know if I’ll write again soon, but it felt good just letting my fingers flow on the keypad. Hoping for less drama on my future posts. Ha!

Meet @marikachristine!!!

Photo on 2013-07-25 at 16.58

Writing CCI in Paris! HAHA!

Meet one of my co-interns, Marika! She’s currently on vacation here in the Philippines (she studies in New York) and she decided to spend her last week as an intern here in McCann! It’s really nice to have someone beside me in the office.

There’s actually another intern named Nicole. She also went to St. Scho! Small world. She’s not here everyday though. :(

Anyway, my internship experience has been fun! It’s my third week so far, and I don’t hate it yet. On the contrary, I’m really enjoying! If you didn’t know, McCann is an advertising agency. I work under the creatives department of McCann Health so I usually conceptualize and write for health and lifestyle related accounts.

I never really imagined I’d be writing. I thought I’m more fit for the accounts side of advertising (given my management background). But I’m learning so much about copywriting everyday, it excites me!! I’m still not sure if this is what I want to do in life, but it’s a start to figuring it all out.

I greatly recommend having your internship in McCann if you’re interested in pursuing a career in this industry. They really immerse you and include you every step of the way. :) And I really feel like I’m getting better as the days go by.

I keep looking back to what I did in college, and a part of me wishes I took Psychology or Communications instead. I feel like those courses are more helpful than management when it comes to advertising. But everything happens for a reason.

Maybe I even end up on the client side. I really don’t know.

I’ll just see where life takes me.


[This is an extremely long post that covers a variety of topics about The Voice. I expected it to be shorter…Wow, I got carried away!]

I get extremely attached to reality shows I watch, and The Voice USA is no exception.

I believe my obsession’s justified though. It’s a great show, and not just because of the whole blind auditions part that undoubtedly distinguishes it from rivals American Idol and X Factor. Instead, it’s the chemistry and spontaneity of the coaches that make it the best singing competition out there. (This is a realization I actually made after watching the local counterpart of The Voice and seeing all my high expectations shattered before my eyes–the coaches just didn’t have chemistry and they looked scripted as hell. It didn’t help that the production value was definitely not at par with its other foreign counterparts and the audio did not sound clean at all.) 

Ugh.. So disappointing. :(

But back to the US edition, I’ve watched all 4 seasons of it and although Cee Lo and Christina have both proven themselves as viable coaches in the past, I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with Usher and Shakira. I’m even wishing for Cee Lo and Christina to leave for good. Usher seems so humble (I’ll talk more about him later) while Shakira’s so cute!!

Enough about the coaches though, I want to talk about the talent.

Especially now that it’s already the finals and there are just 3 acts left standing: The Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradberry, and my bet, Michelle Chamuel.

Before I start raving about Michelle Chamuel and her awesomeness, I thought I’d look back and remember the other artists who I liked at some point during the competition.


Taylor Beckham (Team Usher/Blake)

I’m not sure if I liked her performance during the Blinds or if I just thought Usher’s reaction to her was adorable. I mean, he placed his leg down, guys!!! (inside joke to viewers) Anyway, her version of “I’m Going Down” was lovely, I have it on my phone. She definitely sounds unique as well and although I didn’t like how they focused on the fact that she was training for 6 years to be an olympic gymanst before joining the show, I wanted to see her go at least through the knockouts. (Which she actually managed to do under a different team). However, her succeeding performances sadly didn’t meet my expectations so I actually was okay with her being out at some point.


Josiah Hawley (Team Usher)

I admit, he doesn’t have the best voice. But he’s super charming :”> And I know some would say I just like him because of his looks but you guysss, he’s married and he met his wife in their church and that’s touching. HAHA! But seriously, I only started to like him when he sang “Starlight” during the Live Playoffs. I absolutely love that song and I thought he did very well. I even liked it better than his rendition of “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” which the coaches said was his best performance yet.


Sarah Simmons (Team Adam)

Oh Sarah. I get so mad when I remember she got eliminated before Holly Tucker. That was just so wrong. I constantly listen to her version of “One of Us,” which hits me right in the feels. HAHA. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you do. Her falsetto in the 2nd verse gets me every time I hear it. She also did an amazing rendition of Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best” during the lives. It’s so unfair that she and Judith Hill got booted out so early (Although I never really got the appeal of Judith Hill).


Monique Abbadie (Team Shakira)

Ahh, the only member of Team Shakira I genuinely liked. I had never heard of Shakira’s song “Loca” before her performance but man, she made me love it. And now I listen to the original and I keep looking for the energy that Monique’s version has. Her blinds performance was one of the better ones. She was dancing around the place and yet she never missed a beat of that song. Unfortunately, her next performances didn’t really give her a chance to shine. “You and I” with Luke Edgemon was also okay, but didn’t make her stand out enough, I guess.


Caroline Glaser (Team Adam)

Another elimination I was mad about. I know, she was up against Sarah Simmons for elimination but it was just too sad. (Curse you Team Adam for having 4 equally talented people!!!) Aside from being super cute with her dimples and all, her voice’s soothing quality is also worth noting. Her version of “Tiny Dancer” just makes me want to curl up in bed and sleep. I have the studio versions of all her performances. Everyone should have them!!!

Those were just 5 of the artists I liked throughout this season. For me to name all would take a much longer post than this so I guess the rule of 5 would suffice. Now on to the final three acts.


The Swon Brothers (Team Blake)

Well I’m not American, so maybe that’s why I just can’t get myself to like country music in general and that’s what these boys primarily do. These brothers are charismatic, I’m sure. They have funny jokes here and there (oh and older Swon can do the scream face!). But when it’s their turn to perform, I find myself bored. Maybe it’s because they just either stand with a guitar or sit with a piano which to me, makes their performance quite static. Or maybe it’s because in my ears, it really is just the older swon singing while younger swon sings harmony occasionally. Either way, it’s just a matter of preference. Out of the three acts remaining, they’re the ones who I cannot/will not accept to be the winners of The Voice. They just don’t embody that phrase. I don’t think they’re “The Voice” at all.

vlcsnap-2013-06-18-21h54m54s0Danielle Bradberry (Team Blake)

Now here’s where it gets tricky because, I actually think Danielle’s a great singer. Perfect pitch in fact, which the coaches have mentioned a billion times. Her rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Mean” was solid, and unlike The Swon Brothers, actually managed to attract me to watch her full performances despite her country genre. I’m okay with her winning the show but I can’t get myself to root for her. I guess in a show like The Voice wherein essentially, everyone’s a great singer, you have to stand out in some way. And in a sense, I feel like she lacks emotion when she sings. I fear that it’s just all technical for her. And in my opinion, when you’re performing in front of a lot of people, you have to make sure people can feel it or else, they just can’t connect with you.

Which brings me to Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher)


I was not rooting for her initially. She sang Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” during the Blinds and although she managed to get 3 chairs to turn, I thought she was just alright. Her personality stood out right away though, especially when she was explaining why she chose Team Usher. (“Okay body, let’s do this!”) It was during the Knockouts where I really started to like her.


She did push-ups with Usher!!

It was too funny to see both of them during rehearsals. She was going to sing Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” then and Usher was telling her how to make sure she doesn’t lose her breath so they did push-ups (Guy versions, don’t forget!!) She performed it flawlessly, and it was her first performance that I truly loved.

vlcsnap-2013-06-18-22h15m59s77Awww Usher smiled just as Michelle started singing!! The start of a beautiful friendship <3

She went on to the Live Playoffs and kept on performing flawlessly week after week. She sang “True Colors” which was her first real breakout moment in my opinion. Her rendition was just so heartfelt. She then sang some more current tunes like “Just Give Me A Reason,” “Call Your Girlfriend,” and “Grenade” and each one of those performances wowed me. Especially those adlibs that she does after the bridge of the songs!

But one of the most unforgettable moments on the show for Michelle was her performance of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” (she even met Taylor Swift at rehearsal!)


She called Taylor “dude” HAHA. Aww Usher’s smiling!!

She rocked out to that song and that performance got extended applause! The audience wouldn’t stop clapping and Carson had a difficult time calming the audience down. Oh Michelle, it was just so intense!!

Those were just some of my favorite performances of hers, but beyond that, I’m also rooting for Michelle because of who she is as a person.

Exhibit A

Christina each gave them boards with the letters V-O-I-C-E on them for a game, and Michelle decided to draw on it. And throughout the whole interview, she was just drawing on the letters, not even focusing on what was happening. Aww.

And also, this is her guilty pleasure. Eating straight up lettuce. WHAT. HAHA.

Exhibit B

Q: Are you ready to be a huge star?

Michelle: I want to sing. I want to make music. I want to live a balanced life. I want to be healthy and be as positive as I possibly can. So, whatever supports that is what I want to do.

Exhibit C

This video of hers pre-The Voice explains so much haha. Especially the bit with the cat at the start.

Exhibit D (this is an extra one because technically, it’s not about her as a person haha)

She’s related to the Starkids, guys (she sang the theme song of Little White Lie!!) and Darren Criss even tweeted about her (among other Starkids)

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 10.55.40 PM

But my love for her doesn’t end there. I also want her to win because of her friendship with Usher.

Why do I love their friendship?

1. Usher started #4eyesontheprize. You look at his twitter and instagram and it’s just filled with those posts. He just favorites tweets of people voting Michelle. He even wore glasses in support of her!


and she took her glasses off for her coach saying, “This one’s for you!”


2. Michelle made sock puppet versions of them. This needs no explanation. Too cute.

3. Usher’s completely invested in Michelle. Aside from saying “I love you,” “You are medicine for the world,” and “You are the winner” to Michelle, he has also indicated he’s committed to mentoring/working with her even outside the show.

Usher: We’re really doing an incredible job. We should continue to do this regardless. I really am invested in you as an artist.

Usher: I don’t feel like a coach anymore, I feel like a friend.

Usher: There is no one like Michelle in this competition, she’s the new standard for what I think all of us are optimistic about: something that is different.

4. Their teamwork. You can just tell they are the most solid coach-artist team up The Voice has ever had and that they care about each other a lot.


Usher actually spun her around when it was announced Michelle was safe!!


Aside from standing up after every performance, Usher also approaches her!! So cuteee.

5. Their duet was perfect. Yes, they sang together and it was magical. They were smiling all the time, just being perfect. They even did Michelle’s signature squat move!!


So there you have it. I probably could think of more reasons why I need Michelle Chamuel to win tomorrow, but I believe this post is too long already. (Sorry, I get carried away and I’m not even American!!). I know there’s a big possibility that Danielle wins this season, but I just hope Michelle gets to have a successful career out of the show. She’s such a great performer and a pure soul. And also, I need Usher to stay friends with her, okay. I actually think I’m fine with her losing as long as they stay in touch. HAHA!

It doesn’t matter if she’s a lesbian, or that she’s nerdy or what. She really does have an amazing voice and to top that, the ability to connect with the audience (even with someone who is continents away).



I just noticed that some of the pictures I linked from facebook disappeared. WTF. I am so pissed right nowwww. It’s so hassle to re-upload, especially on my JTA travel posts. I used so many pictures for those! Why is this happening??

Answer me, facebook!! WHYYY?! Gah. Annoying.

…So yeah, I’m currently editing my older posts. BV. I’m trying to finish it before we leave for the airport later, but I was only able to finish until Spain so far. So many posts ruined. I’m so sad. :(